Why outsource

Historically, hospitals and other health care facilities prepare a staffing budget based upon the average daily census. But, these 'averages' really consist of vast fluctuations ... fluctuations which occur seasonally, monthly, daily and even hourly! You already know that these changes create a nightmare for Department Directors, Managers, and other staffing related positions. In addition, and often overlooked as possibly the most-important issue with regard to effective staffing is quality of care. When patient census increases and staff cannot be efficiently and quickly managed, patient quality care suffers.

Why Traditional Methods Aren't Working

Traditional solutions such as overtime and in-house pools are certainly an important part of the total staffing solution. But, when any method is used independently without the appropriate mix, it can become extremely costly! For instance, when overtime is utilized as the primary or only staffing method for increased treatment load, the result is usually staff burnout; costing much more in the long run than is first measured on paper. How often has your organization or one you are familiar with tried this approach in the past, only to find that your dependable, qualified staff is spending more days out sick (usually when you need them most), or is giving lower quality output due to lack of rest or a general decrease in well-being?

Similarly, an in-house pool is not the answer by itself either. When hospitals establish their own pool, they are recreating the wheel at each local facility. Often, pool employees sign up for several local pools to ensure they can 'earn a living.' Then, when one facility needs a particular therapist, it's catcher's catch can. If the dollars spent managing a local pool could be effectively measured in its entirety, it would become much more apparent as to why it is not the cure-all for staffing woes. And, if you are in an area with high seasonal fluctuations, non-fulltime employees are often sparse, as again, the seasonal changes force them to move to more 'even' markets.

IRS As An Integral Part Of The Correct Solution

But, by combining the right blend of the above, coupled with the right mix of third-party outsourcing gives the right total solution; from an economic standpoint, a quality-assurance standpoint, and the management ease standpoint. By using this approach, hospitals are now free to develop a core staff based upon the low census fluctuations, next utilizing IRS Assignment Program for the general, more-predictable changes (such as seasonal peaks), and finally using the hospital pool or the IRS Per Diem or IRS On-call Program(s) for unexpected changes, or changes in acuity levels which vary with individual patient needs.

By using this well-thought-out approach, facilities can recognize the following benefits:
Increased Cost Effectiveness
Decreased Staff Turnover
Increased Staffing Efficiency (Success!)
Staff effectively on short notice
Increased Quality Care

IRS's management team is here for you to discuss your staffing needs and problems and to help you solve them. Let our experience, expertise, and strong management philosophies work for you to provide you and your facility with highly competent healthcare practitioners on a timely basis.

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