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Selection Placement

IRS has been honing its methods of effective placement since 1986. For the past 30 years, we have developed proprietary methods that get the job of finding the right HCP done right!

We have developed a unique eight-step selection/placement program to insure a perfect match. It is no accident that we have a proven client-satisfaction track record of over 98%! This placement program navigates through the following:

Hospital/Departmental/Position Review

The first step is utilized to determine the following - Departmental and Organizational Structures, HCP Position Job Description, Patient Care Delivery Systems, Hospital and Departmental Documentation Procedures, Familiarizing with Treatment Loads, Treatment Types, and so on, and the gathering of all other pertinent information that will assist us in determining the best HCP match for your organization.

IRS Internal Matching

Our skilled staffing coordinators will match the data derived in the first step to narrow down our vast database of employees to the top five candidates. From their, we will contact you and present our top pick

Candidate Presentation

Next, we will provide a written biographical sheet and discuss this candidate with you to ensure your confidence in our candidate recommendation. Once you are comfortable and excited about the match, we will forward additional documentation including:

Valid State Driver's License of other reliable ID
Credentials - i.e. RN, RT, PA, PharmD, etc.
Current CPR - level C minimum
Current Vaccination Records - TB, MMR, HepB, x-ray, etc.
Annual Skills Checklist
Annual OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Series
Annual Fire and Safety Training
Drug Screening Results or Consent*
Fingerprint/Background Check

Telephone Interview

Another crucial step of the matching process is the Telephone Interview. Here, the hospital is given the opportunity to speak to the HCP via a three-way conference. This, once again, strengthens the confidence level for the hospital and gives them an opportunity to ask any questions, assess clinical knowledge, and determine the employees level of professionalism. It also gives the employee the opportunity to ask any questions of the hospital and to generate a comfort level for them, as well.

Detail Finalization

Once everyone is comfortable with the match, final details will be worked out such as housing arrangements, start date, transportation, orientation schedules, and so on.

Confirmation of Arrival / Orientation

Let's face it. Traveling to a new temporary home is always at list a little unsettling, even for the most adventurous. While most of our employees have experience traveling to out of their area hospital, each time, they have to face those little nerve wracking questions, such as 'Did I remember to pack everything? Do I have the correct instructions on how to find the hospital? my housing? Will I be liked by my new temporary supervisors? co-workers?' We like to make sure that they have the proper time to calm down and settle in.Once that is accomplished, the hospital/departmental orientation is the next crucial step. Here, the HCP will be learning the geographic layout of their new working environment, and the unique hospital policies and protocols. They will also need to know and be orientated with the equipment. Effective orientation goes a long way with the success of your new relationship and builds the foundation for the HCP to be successful and well-liked.

Ongoing Monitoring / Evaluation

IRS continuously monitors the HCP during the placement period to insure a successful clinical and social relationship. We remain an integral part of the background management process and act as a facilitator, should any problem arise.

Assignment Completion Survey

At IRS, we are extremely concerned with the client and the employees satisfaction. 100% client retention is our mission! To ensure that are systems are working properly, will will evaluate your satisfaction level once more, soon after the completion of the assignment, once our employee has returned to his or her home town. This immediate follow-up will catch any minor details that may be forgotten over time and will assist us with insuring your continued satisfaction level with your next IRS placement!