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Thank you for considering career opportunities with IRS.  IRS is a temporary staffing and permanent placement agency that contracts with hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the U.S. and places IRS’s Healthcare Professionals in various HCP positions to fill those facilities’ needs.

To accomplish this goal, IRS is continuously recruiting, interviewing and hiring qualified HCPs from the U.S. and abroad.  With our finely honed methods of only selecting the most competent healthcare practitioners, IRS has developed a national reputation of providing the best professionals, excellent customer service, and only the highest business ethics.  This reputation filters down to our valuable employees, and to YOU if selected as one of our fine employees.  It’s a reputation that becomes a solid foundation that helps catapult our employees into the best positions in the most-desired cities, during their affiliation with IRS and even after the stint with our company has ended.

We know that healthcare practitioners choose where they work for a variety of reasons.  Whether you are looking for the perfect climate, the perfect pay, increased professional knowledge, or new clinical or life experiences, IRS can help you achieve your individual goals.  When affiliating with IRS, you’ll be offered the choice to work within a broad range of clinical settings, from large hospitals, smaller community centers, rural more local regional centers, rehabilitation facilities and more.  Whether seeking short-term or long-term placements, IRS offers flexibility, the finest positions, some of the highest salaries in the industry, phenomenal benefits and a solid commitment to our employees.  Just ask our 150+ satisfied employees!  At IRS, our employees are our greatest asset!

Please feel free to browse through the next few pages of our website. Check out Opportunity Types, Compensation, and our Benefits page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at (602) 234-0494 or by e-mail and a representative will contact you shortly. And, if you feel you would like to consider offering your fine skills and being part of our fine organization, please click on the APPLY button and fill out our application.