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A 3 Way Relationship

At IRS, we have learned that managing the working relationship is one of the most integral keys of position placement success! Effective management consists of laying out the responsibilities of each of the parties ... you, as the client, the HCP, and us.

So there are no miscommunications, we have laid out, in writing, what we feel are the responsibilites of each. This is a working document, as any good management tool is, and is a place for all of us to start. If there are particular items that you feel are best management by an alternate party, please let us know. But, by putting it in writing, we are creating a working starting point.

Your Responsibility - as a medical facility

Provide information necessary for IRS and the IRS employee to carry out their responsibilities
Provide written orientation packet to IRS to facilitate pre-orientation once a candidate is selected
Communicate any problems to IRS and give IRS a reasonable amount of time to work with the employee to correct a problem
To treat the IRS employee fairly and similarly to your facility's own staff
To provide safe and sanitary housing conditions to the IRS employee

IRS's Responsibility

Meet or exceed all hospital, professional and regulatory requirements
Assist with risk management as it relates to IRS employees
Facilitate Conflict Resolution
Manage the meeting of pre-defined QCI targets
Provide a underlying corporate management team with 30 years of respiratory, med-facility management, staffing and placement experience.

Employee's Responsibility

To adhere to IRS policies and procedures
To follow all hospital policies and procedures
To meet or exceed all professional and regulatory requirements
To report any minor difficulties to their direct hospital supervisor
To report and major or unresolved minor difficulties to IRS