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IRS is one of the largest and most-respected staffing agencies, with one of the largest healthcare divisions in the nation! Founded in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona, and still owned and operated by its original founder, Mark Finkelstein, IRS is the only original owner, continuously operating for-profit agency in the State of AZ. In fact, IRS's market share can typically exceed 70% of all outsourced shifts in its home area in certain ancillaries.
IRS contracts with hospitals and other medical facilities which demand that we meet the same tough JCAHO standards as they do. And, because we have to have our programs streamlined and ready to meet such a wide variety of nuances within each hospital, our standards often exceed those of individual agencies we serve!
Since adding other specialties after our humble single-focus beginning, we are fastly becoming a premier world-wide provider specializing in multi-specialties, and for good reason. We bring over thirty continuous years of per-diem and contracted staffing experience with an impeccable record. With more than 150 employees carefully matched to each facility's needs, our clients have been enjoying fill-rates of over 98% with top notch providers, even in the busiest of seasons!
IRS was founded upon the philosophy that you should understand and hone your strengths and do it better than anyone else. Our strength lies in identifying the very best practitioners, successfully hiring them, and excelling at managing this them. Many newer companies try to replace human nature with technology to do most of these tasks. While we blend technology where needed, we never take out the human element, and it is often by trusting our gut and not a personality scorecard. This is why we have been voted the best by survey after survey given to those who have utilized our services.

Documentation Packet Contents

As part of the complete documentation package given to each account, we ensure that the following paperwork is at the facility long before the practitioner arrives.
Valid State Driver's License of other reliable ID
Copy of all current Licenses with State Verifications
Copy of all Credentials
Current CPR - level C minimum
Current Vaccination Records - TB, MMR, HepB, x-ray, etc.
Annual Skills Checklist
Annual Age Specific Testing
Annual OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Series
Annual Fire and Safety Training
Drug Screening Results*
Fingerprint/50-State Background Check/Govt Fraud Check
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