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Opportunity Types

Our contracted facilities recognize the value of our employees! Whether using our employees' skills on a per diem, temporary travel or permanent placement basis, we continuously work with our facilities to make sure they do! Because of this, our employees are truly treated as a valued member of the facility's team, not just a temporary 'extra' to get 'dumped' on!

IRS offers employees three types of placement alternatives...


If you live in an area where we provide daily-requested staffing and enjoy the flexibility and challenge of working at several facilities, IRS’ PER DIEM PROGRAM is just for you! In this environment you will be offered the freedom to choose between a variety of hospitals on a daily basis. For example, in a given week, you may feel like working in a pediatrics environment and may accept shifts at a pediatrics specialty hospital. The following day or week, you may feel your ready for a change and might accept a shift a local adult rehabilitation or long-term facility. The choice is yours! With the per diem program, you’ll be given the flexibility to regularly choose the place, the time and the total hours for a given week. Need an unscheduled day off to be with a visiting out-of-town friend? No problem! On the per diem program it’s as easy as letting us know just a few days before. The per diem program is similar to signing on with several facility pools, but better! Unlike trying to ‘shuffle’ the requests from all of the participating hospitals on your own, IRS takes the hassle out of it, and gets you the work that you want! If you like daily, weekly or monthly change, this program is just for you!

The TRAVEL OR LOCAL CONTRACTED ASSIGNMENTS program offers the IRS employee more stability and less day-to-day ‘where shall I go’ decision-making.  IRS employees accept an assignment either in their geographic area or in a desired locale.  More and more medical facilities are looking towards the traveler or fixed contract alternative than ever before, offering more and more opportunities for you.  These assignments are usually for a fixed 3-month (12-13 weeks), 6 month (26 weeks), or one-year basis, although custom assignments for other time periods are often available, too.  Once accepted, the employee moves to and settles into their new location (travel basis), goes through an extensive orientation that mirrors all of the facility’s HCP orientations, and then functions just as if they were the facility’s employee.  And, often the perfect travel assignment leads to the perfect permanent job offer!  Many of our travelers find that they wish to remain at their placed facility and accept a job offer when their assignment is over!  The contract program is just right for you if you’re the type of employee who wants a more stable temporary environment, but still likes to work in and gain experience from a wide variety of medical facilities, or if you are looking for permanent work, but are not really sure where!

Looking for the perfect permanent position?  Whether you know exactly where you want to move to and work or are still looking around for the perfect new geographic local, the perfect new clinical experience, or just looking to meet new friends, IRS is just the company to select as your customized ‘search firm.’  Our clients often wish to find permanent staff through our PERMANENT PLACEMENT program.  Often, temporary or travel assignments lead to job offers.  Many of our employees know they want to move, but aren’t sure where to.  Then, they are placed and what turns out to be their perfect position.  But, when those ‘travelers’ wish to continue traveling to other areas versus taking a permanent job offer, its only natural that IRS is called upon again to find the facility’s permanent staff.  Want a job in a facility or in a geographic area we are not currently servicing?  No problem!  IRS can help you here, too, as we will work for you to get that interview and job offer!  And, our Permanent Placement program is always FREE to our employees!

At IRSMedStaff, we will take the time to get to know you and learn about your unique personality and job skills, what you desire, and what your expectations and career goals are.  We will then take this information to find the perfect career opportunity for you!

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