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About IRS Medical Staffing

IRS is one of the largest and most-respected staffing agencies, with one of the largest respiratory divisions in the nation! Founded in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona, and still owned and operated by its original founder, Mark Finkelstein, IRS is the only original owner, continuously operating for-profit agency in the State of AZ. In fact, IRS's market share can typically exceed 70% of all outsourced shifts in its home area in certain ancillaries.IRS was founded upon the philosophy that you should understand and hone your strengths and do it better than anyone else. Our strength lies in identifying the very best practitioners, successfully hiring them, and excelling at managing this them. Many newer companies try to replace human nature with technology to do most of these tasks. While we blend technology where needed, we never take out the human element, and it is often by trusting our gut and not a personality scorecard. This is why we have been voted the best by survey after survey given to those who have utilized our services. And, with each new market it enters, IRS proves, once-again, that our dedicated humanistic approach is more cost-efficient to the medical facility, as well as substantially complements its risk management model.

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IRS is the nation's leading all-healthcare staffing company, and has been serving the United States since our inception in 1986.

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Our Mission

To continue being the leading provider of healthcare Practitioners in the U.S. into the 21st century. To continue to hone our management philosophy – ‘focus on one specialty – and do it right’ and to prove that this method works best in a medical facility’s risk management model when selecting ancillary personnel providers.